I affectionately call her "Chaplain" and that's because she is and it sounds really cool...and she is. Chaplain Pitts is engaging in conversation on so many levels its disarming. You will forget you just met her. A beautiful soul indeed. She is also fondly referred to as "Pastor Pitts,". I had the privilege of listening to her share her testimony and it is remarkable. Chaplain Pitts is the founder of Paulean Ministries, and the author of several books, 3 to be exact.


Her most recent published book and the title of this post "Let It Go for Your Sake" teaches you to reshape your view of forgiveness, understand forgiveness, process your feelings in a healthy and constructive manner, forgive regardless of the type of offense, heal from past hurts and move on from negativity. In addition to authoring several books, she is a Christian speaker, mentor, author, singer, and musician. After being rejected by people and never fitting in, she turned to God and spirituality.


Whenever Aleechea felt misunderstood, the Lord spoke to her, "It is not meant for people to understand you, know that I understand and have chosen you."

Aleechea is an experienced lecturer and has extensive training in Biblical Counseling. Chaplain Pitts currently serves The Millville Police Department as the first Afro-American female Police Chaplain. She is the lead Chaplain of Millville Memorial High School and most recently Staff Chaplain (Volunteer) NJ Dept. of Corrections.


She has appeared as a guest on The Corrie Lo Show, Between the Lines Empowering Network, Flash Point with Cherri Gregg (KYW News Radio), Forgiveness Across the Nation, BeLive.TV and many others, in addition to hosting her own podcast, "AP Live — Live Inspired !"

Other media mentions include. Joyous Expansion Podcast, Press of Atlantic City, Wilmington Public Library, Wove Inspiration and Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio.

In the words of Pastor Pitts, "I live a life of servitude and leading by example is my most effective means of leading others."


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