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Elder Helen Payne, life coach

by Humilitee™


Elder Payne is a woman with a powerful testimony, who has overcome the effects of abandonment, the trauma of rape, and abuse, and many more untold experiences you will definitely want to learn about and share with someone you know that may need a hand up.  She believes God has called her to be transparent with her life in order to help others overcome their past.  Her testimony will give you the tools needed to rise above defeat and failure. Elder Payne is a woman inspired by a spirit of creativity and an awesome flair and appetite for living an overcoming life of victory. 

I had the opportunity to speak to Elder Payne in an in-depth conversation and it was truly a moving experience. It was refreshing to listen to someone with such sincere compassion for others who are actively helping people in her community overcome some of life's most unpleasant circumstances. She is a doer of God's word indeed. 

Elder Payne can help you by spending time one on one with you through regular consultations and designing a plan that will give you practical steps you can take each day that will move you closer to your life goals. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us that can help us identify amazing tools we already possess but have not identified as a result of life being overwhelming and blurring our inner eyesight, the kind that gives us a vision for our future.


Helen Payne, Spiritual Life Coach
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