Elder Helen Payne


In today's society, many life skills advisors are finding creative ways to effectively encourage people today. Whether it be in dealing with a difficult boss at work, co-worker or loss of a job. The challenge to help people navigate life is becoming increasingly more difficult. Identifying new medical and personality disorders is being added to the discussion with new concerns in our society today. Helen Payne has a unique approach and I would venture to say a gift to share in this area. Her work centers around three key life accomplishments guiding you towards rediscovering your purpose, inspiring and motivating you through the process of transformation, and finally, ultimately, reclaiming your unique brand of freedom.

Tools for "doing" Life...


Through Helen’s Purpose Rediscovery Calls, she has helped many women remember, reconnect and re-engage their purpose and lead more meaningful every day lives. It is important at times to be able to speak directly to someone about your struggles. If your particular situation doesn't require a licensed professional but perhaps someone who has a proven track record in managing life and making decisions that can demonstrate what a healthy lifestyle may look like, Elder Helen Payne may be just the person for you ladies. 


Helen works with the artful soul therapy of affirmation and reflection through her 31-day affirmation card series helping you to “become a better you.” this series is worth looking into. We have often heard anything we dedicate time and commitment to for 30 days is likely to become a habit right? 


I wouldn't get hung up on the habit-forming idea but more so making the decision to get back on course in 2020. The most important thing is to get started and sometimes we just need help with what that means and how it will change our lives. Helen has several packages that are available to choose from when you visit her website at www.daugthersof divinepower.com

Through Helen’s masterful writing of The Freedom Series, she walks us through the many faces of enslavement… and what it takes to truly be free. This is very important and can change the trajectory of one's life.