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"IT TOOK A MIRACLE AND THEN SOME" and I couldn't think of a better title when I looked back over my life and thank God I got them"


by Humilitee™ 


Kristle Murden is a world-renowned singer-songwriter, musician, music producer, vocal coach, author, and ordained minister.s best known for her featured solo on the Oscar-winning song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" on Disney's animated film, The Lion King. Murden made her professional debut in 1979 singing the duet "I'll Be Thinking of You" with 7-time Grammy Award winner Andraé Crouch, which also featured Stevie Wonder on harmonica. Murden was signed as a solo artist with Light Records, also in 1979. Murden went on to achieve two Grammy nominations of her own.

In 1984, she was Grammy-nominated for her solo vocal performance for "Jesus Come Lay Your Head on Me" from Andraé Crouch's No Time to Lose album. In 1981 Murden was nominated for a Dove Award for her I Can't Let Go album in the category of Best Soul Black Gospel album. In 1982 Murden earned the Best New Artist Contemporary Award at The Gospel Music Excellence Awards at the annual Gospel Music Workshop of America

Humilitee: I have to ask, are you approached by people who remember?

Kristle Murden:  Oh yes, it's brought up and sometimes at my gospel concerts people want to hear me sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the movie

Humilitee: How did you get that opportunity?

Kristle Murden: It was actually a surprise, I was hired through Andre' Crouch who was asked to arrange the song, bring in some singers and sing the song as a choir. In the beginning, the producers asked if he could put one singer forward, teach that person the song. They would then record that person and then add the choir arrangement around it, take that singer off and just used the choir. But after they heard me sing the song they shifted and decided to have me do the first verse by myself and the rest of it a little bit louder than the choir.

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