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Updated: Apr 5

Richmond, VA | Written by Humilitee™

Let me start by saying this was definitely NOT just another leadership conference. I registered early and I am glad that I did.

Bishop T.D. Jakes made it possible for there to be representation at the highest level of International Leadership. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo the fifth president of Ghana’s Fourth Republic. Joel Osteen Pastor of Lakewood Church, actor and movie producer Denzel Washington. People from all walks of life gathering together for empowerment. This all happened in the face of the backdrop of an unprecedented time of global upheaval and economic uncertainty not seen on this level in recent history. I witnessed some of the most passionate, intelligent and informed business minds on the planet in their element at this summit. Serious entrepreneurs looking for direction and insight were not disappointed. Other than a few minor online glitches the virtual experience was stellar. Glitches are never fun but fortunately replays will be available I believe on Tuesday, April 5th of the breakout sessions. This will be for those who registered for the event.

Screenshots in this article from the ILS 2022 are used for review and commentary purposes.

I have provided a few relevant screenshots to convey as best as I can how awesome this summit was for me. I was far more focused on taking notes for growth and development purposes more than anything. Even virtually it was a challenge trying to attend all of the breakout sessions. I found myself struggling to pull away from one session to dip into another. All of the breakout sessions had a wealth of information and instruction.

Dr. Anita Phillips, literally changed my life. I just have to take a pause for the cause. This woman can break down mental health on a completely uncharted level in my humble opinion. You just don't hear it being shared in quite the same way as she delivers it. This woman of God allows her vulnerability and transparency to be put on public display. This is unheard of by those in most professional settings especially in the medical or clinical field, yet she does it. It is so disarming. You feel you are in a safe place to learn about you and be helped and healed. Dr. Phillips came to set the captive free on her watch at the International Leadership Summit. If you are at all familiar with her ministry or have had the opportunity to watch her during church services at TPH, Dallas TX you will already know she doesn't come to play. This is where I first learned of her ministry.

It just seemed to be a peculiar anointing on her for me during the summit and I am sure for so many others in that moment as well. We were in the chat room going off in the spirit. We were all getting it. She was imparting into us wisdom and insight into our souls. Into the places where it really hurts. Where we need to let God in. We got our healing, our deliverance was palpable. At the highest moment during her message there were intermittent outages that began to occur online. It wasn't for long periods of time but you could recognize it was the enemy trying to be disruptive.

We later learned from Bishop TD Jakes that during the height of people in the auditorium all lifting their voices in one accord and crying out to God that the power board as it were for a few moments went out. It was definitely a spiritual breakthrough if you dare to believe in the supernatural move of God. You could almost anticipate that something like this was about to happen. It was electrifying.

(L-R) Pastor John Hannah, Bishop Dr. Carolyn D. Showell, Pastor Michael Phillips

Dr. Anita Phillips is a PK. It was such a blessing to see her call out her parents and her husband Pastor Michael Phillips who was also a speaker during the summit. He has just written and released a new book for which I have already purchased and received entitled Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns. I received mine during the pre-order in January of this year. A great read. I thank God for being able to witness this kind of generational family blessing in full display. Talk about a power couple for the Lord.

Bishop T.D. Jakes hand picked the best this world has to offer to sow into the people of God at this year's summit. These are my sincere opinions, thoughts and experiences taken from the summit. I can't fit everything in one blog post. I will share more later in the week.

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