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Reclaim your throne, Regain your worth, Renew your life.

We will be posting a video interview conducted with Shawna Seymore, bestselling author. Seymore is one of the most spiritually generous people I've met in a long time. What I mean by that is she is truly concerned about helping that "damage hurt sole" looking for answers overcome and reclaim their life. The book speaks to anyone that has been violated emotionally, physically and mentally. The book has invaluable wisdom, insights and experiences that can only be acquired by living through such a series of experiences. A child of an addict...just think about unpacking what all that might look like. Well this amazing young woman has chosen a path that has lead her to lovingly forgive her parents and have effectively made reconciliation a reality thus making her life a point of contact with the guidance of the Holy Spirt on how to walk in love and forgiveness. You won't find a better individual. Shawan Seymore is a career professional with the New Jersey Department and travels on her free time to help get the message out that Jesus is still healing and delivering lost and hurt souls and giving people a fresh start in life.